Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brock Masters Arrested Again

Gay Pornstar Brock Masters Arrested for Domestic Battery

Brock Masters Arrested Again, this time for domestic battery
On 11-13-2011, Brock Masters (Aaron Fisher) was arrested for two charges of domestic battery in Manatee County, Florida.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kurt Lockwood Will Fuck Anything

Kurt Lockwood Fucks Girls, Boys, and Trannys. Oh My!

I am not a fan of Kurt Lockwood. He always comes off as this really white trash, 90's drug addict rockstar who just happen to fall into porn. But because this site is about straight men and who gay guys love, I decided to included him. A couple of years ago, straight pornstar Kurt Lockwood decided it was time to not only drive into gay porn (via bisex scenes) but also shemale porn. While there was never any indication that Kurt Lockwood was "curious", he certainly took to sucking cock and even taking it up the ass like a duck to water.

I personally could careless who he fucks on camera but this cause an internet buzz that sealed the fate of Kurt's career (see Cameron Reed (aka Seth Dickens) and Frank Tower (aka Mark Slade)). It really is sad that straight pornstars are encourage not to explore their sexuality when pornography exist to help every day joes like me explore our's (can't tell you how many times I've jerked off to Jenna Jameson or Taylor Rain).

Kurt Lockwood, India Summers, and Seth Sweet Fuck

Kurt Lockwood Gets Pegged

Monday, January 24, 2011

Billy Glide Gets Rimmed

Straight Porn Star Billy Glide Gets Rimmed

Billy Glide is a favorite of mine. A lot of it has to do with his dick but some of it has to do with consistency a pornographic actor - he also delivers a great scene. So when I got wind of him experimenting with rimming, I was delighted. As a guy who has been following Mr. Glide career before I was even in the 11th grade, seeing him get rimmed and enjoy it is such a turn on.

Fuck - look at that ass. He's got to be at least 39 and he has the most beautiful ass I've seen on a straight porn actor. I personally came not wait to find this film spend a few hours fapping away to this hot rimming scene.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steve Holmes Gets A Facial

When MMF Scene Go Gay Wrong

While filming a MMF scene in his native Germany, Steve Holmes unexpectedly got a facial from the other male performer. This hardly qualifies as a gay scene, it is fucking hilarious to watch. Especially since the other performer also seems confused that he is coming on Steve's face.

I wonder if he kicked this guy's ass afterward.

Steve Holmes Porno Blooper:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Stroke It, Criss

Criss Strokes Does Gay for Pay (and probably enjoys it too)

This is not new news by any stretch of the imagination but my cock is absolutely in love with Criss Strokes. He's not what I'm attracted at all (his thin frame and long face makes him look "special") but he's got a huge fucking cock so there is no way I couldn't post him.

Even though I have all of his gay porn videos, I am much bigger fan of his straight work. He seems more "into" young pussy then when he's letting a dinosaur like Jake Cruise blow him (though Jake Cruise did a helluva a job deepthroat all 10 inches).  I have a feeling Criss Strokes, like Chris Dano and Chance Caldwell, will be a mainstay in gay-for-pay porn. He just doesn't get enough straight work and when woman find out he's fucked a man on camera (not that half of the guys haven't), they refuse to do a shoot with him. It really is sad when a coke whore who tricks on the side would turn down such a nice  cock boy.

Want to see Criss Stroke in action? Click the images below to see Criss in gay and straight action.

Straight Criss Strokes Sucked By a Guy

Criss Strokes Gets Rimmed

Also follow him on Myspace - TheRealCrissStrokes and Twitter - cstrokes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ron Jeremy Can Self-Suck. Can You?

Ron, Go Suck Yourself

When you hear the name "Ron Jeremy", images of 70's pornography instantly pop into your head. Appearing in over 600 adult film, Ron Jeremy is the Jewish Godfather of porn - and my childhood crush.

I know that's weird because 1) I said childhood crush (he was in a porno my 17 year cousin showed me when I was like 13) and 2) Ron's not known for his good looks. His dick however is another story.

Like many of my other straight porn crushes, my love of Ron Jeremy is based solely on his cock. However unlike other straight pornstars, Ron Jeremy seems to have a crush on his own cock as well. Ron Jeremy seriously loves to suck his own cock. I can think of at least three pictorials and 2 movies where he just goes to town on himself.
While he never did a gay adult film in his younger years, he did put his cock (bareback) into a hairy guy's ass for a couple of pictures. Though there was no real penetration, this furry old Hedgehog still looks hot as fuck putting his cock on some hungry bottom's hole.

Ron Jeremy Eats Out a Hermaphrodite

Ron Jeremy and Herschel Savage Fuck Patti

Ron Jeremy Classic Deepthroated and Facial

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ralph Long Did Gay Porn?

Ralph Long, Gay for Pay Past

Best known for appearing in the parody sex film "This Ain't Saved By The Bell XXX", straight adult pornstar Ralph Long seems to be an alumni from the school of gay-for-pay as Jay Huntington, Chris Dano, Kurt LockwoodFrank Towers, TJ Cummings, Tony De Sergio, John Holmes and (my personal favorite) Peter North.

While I'm not a fan of Ralph Long, I do have to say I am turned on knowing this straight guy not only got his cock worshiped on video but will also SUCK COCK!

Follow Ralph Long on Twitter: @RalphLongXXX
Download Ralph Long's Vidoes at Brazzer: Ralph Long - Brazzer